A. Human was a theatrical pop-up art experience during New York Fashion Week that invited guests into the showroom of a futuristic fashion brand called A. Human. However, instead of designing clothing, A. Human designs body modifications.

Imagine eyelashes that move of their own accord, back filaments that glow, and matching hearts you can design for you and your lover. This is the world of A. Human.

The sold out experience took the form of a 750 sq. m physical showroom in downtown Manhattan for three weeks, but our presence extended into digital, social media and press headlines across the worlds of fashion, pop culture and entertainment. View the social campaign and art direction.

“Words like freakish and nightmarish were being used to describe Kim’s new accessory. If something is not the norm, it can’t be admired for its unique beauty. But that’s why projects like A. Human should be celebrated.”Metro UK

As guests entered the space, a message from A. Huxley, founder of A. Human, was projected onto an 8m x 4m wall. The two rectangles at the end of the video outline the entrances. View the introduction video.

And now, a message from our founder.

Voice of A. Huxley:
When I founded A. Human, I never dreamed so many of you would share my passion and curiosity for the adornment of the human body. But with your unwavering support and your eagerness to explore what it means to be you, our company has struck out into new territory.

Beyond these doors is my most personal collection yet, no detail overlooked, no expense spared. Please take your time, explore, and ask: what if? To my returning clients, welcome back, and I hope you enjoy our newest offerings. To my first-time guests, I humbly offer this advice:

Keep an open mind. You may see things you have never imagined, and that may unsettle you in the beginning. If at any time you need assistance, our A.Human associates will be happy to help.

Be bold. Dare to explore. Leave the rules of what it means to be “human” at the door. And remember…

Fake bodies and live actors with special effects makeup were displayed together to blur the line between fantasy and reality. Uniformed associates assisted clients in picking the right modifications for their future self-expression. Clients were encouraged to “try on” modifications and be creative in the fitting rooms. View more on A. Human’s Instagram.

The website lets clients customize and create a one-of-a-kind A. Human heart to (literally) wear on their sleeve. In-store merchandise included tote bags for transporting modifications when not affixed to the body, special towels for drying off modifications during post-procedure care, and edibles (candy) that could be taken daily to relieve body modification muscle soreness.

A. Human appeared as a challenge on Project Runway hosted by Karlie Kloss.

Society of Spectacle Team:
Simon Huck
Creative Direction:
Jen Lu
Spencer LaVallee
Narration Design:
Caitlin Starling
Theatrical Direction:
Michael Counts
Travis Greisler
Set Design & Lighting:
Production & Operation:
Ghost Experiential
Set Design & Fabrication:
The Factory NYC
Standard Transmission
LeapStarr Productions
Special Effects Makeup:
Laura Dandridge
Conor McCullagh
and team
Concept Design:
Adam Milicevic
Rayce Bird
Makeup Application:
Barney Burman
Robin Pritchard
Derek Garcia
and team

Dave Bova
Matthew Brown
Jordan Hall
Dillon Greenberg
Rebecca Tucker
Nicole Orabona
Keith Comley
Arden Winant
Steve R. Austin
Ari Gold
Jessy Smith
Stasi Berezovskaya
Ann Devine
Saige Bynum
Jeff Garber
Justin Mock
Jason Norris
Delicia Glam
Joyce Miller
Reema Bounajem
Brian Alford
Mark Blane
Casey Cudmore
Molly Marx
Nelson Vassalo
Pedro Roxo Nogueira
Rui Iniesta Furtado
PR Consulting
Luke Abby
Josiah Spencer
Special Thanks:
Neely Lisk

is a poppin' haunted nightclub in the heart of Miami where guests party among the spirits and dance
till they die.

What makes Art Basel fun is not the art itself, but the vibrancy of the city that it’s viewed in. Before Miami was a bustling art scene, it was a safe haven for Cubans, who put it on the map. It was the epicenter of LGBTQ culture, giving the city its glamorous reputation. It was called the “Drug Capital of the World,” the city that cocaine built. It was the home to famous people and famous scandals.

The Haunt opened during Art Basel. At The Haunt, Miami's past and future mingle, making it apparent that the heart and soul of this city is as eternal as the ghosts in our exhibit.

Outside The Haunt, there was a sign, a velvet rope, and a bouncer (the gatekeeper) ushering people into the space. Guests entered the vibrant nightclub, where a bespoke mix of records were spinning and drinks awaited them.

Guests viewed 3D ghost interpretations of real historical Miami figures through augmented reality, uncovering peculiar tales of the people whose after-hour parties became parties. Augmented reality plaques with stories floated next to each spirit.

South Beach Wanda was the ultimate 90’s drag queen icon and was murdered tragically a few short years before the exhibit. She performed on the dance floor at The Haunt.

Julia Tuttle was the mother of Miami and the founder of The Haunt – the original Miami spirit.

David Fairchild was a famous botanist every Miami student learns about in school. He tended to the plants at the bar, the only living thing at The Haunt.

Alberto Bravo, one of the ex-husbands of drug lord Griselda Blanco, guarded his hidden box of cocaine at The Haunt.

Objects were used to symbolize some ghosts, such as Gianni Versace, whose ghost attempted to call the police when he was shot but there’s no reception in the afterlife.

Mac Klein, owner of Mac’s Club Deuce bar, wore his signature Hawaiian printed shirt as he tended the bar at The Haunt.

Our exhibit took place at Ocean Terrace Hotel, an art deco building that was slated to be demolished shortly after our exhibit ended. Barbara Capitman, the activist who saved South Beach’s Art Deco district, rallied to save Ocean Terrace at The Haunt.

“...The Haunt, even used [Miami] as inspiration, constructing a nightclub for our deceased local icons, serving cocktails and using augmented reality to make the ghosts appear at the club. Gianni Versace is here, but so is Julia Tuttle. Mac Klein tends the bar. These organizers did their research.”Miami New Times

The Lost Boy represented the thousands of Cuban children that were sent to Miami without their parents in the ‘50s for a shot at a better life, building Miami into what it is today.

The exhibit took place in a room in the Ocean Terrace Hotel. The Flamingo in the bathroom is inspired by zoo assistant Ron Magil’s photography of flamingos that were sheltered in a bathroom during Hurricane Andrew.

Infamous controversial R&B singer Blowfly had a permanent gig at The Haunt for eternity, literally spinning records.

Guests unknowingly became part of The Haunt by discreetly being scanned via Kinect, then placed onto the dance floor in real-time with their own story, so their ghosts party on forever. Over the course of the four days, the haunt’s website grew from a few Miami-inspired ghosts to a crowded nightclub filled with the ghosts of present-day Miami partiers. View The Haunt case study.

Jen Lu
Fati Jafri
Annie Spellings
Andy Mai
Toga FM
Walter Wlodarczyk
Special Thanks:
Alex Fuzzywobble
Jess Humphrey
Mauricio Lopez
Carlos Turcios
Gilbert Good Jr.
Paul Ramirez
Alex Reyes
Judah Damiani
Spencer LaVallee
Chloe Karayiannis
Robert Tod
Doa Jafri
Pam Rosales
True Colors Neon
Giphy Arts
Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co.
Art Organization:
Satellite Art Show

How does it work?

  1. To access Recalling 1993, anyone could dial toll-free 1-[855]-FOR-1993 from any Manhattan pay phone.
  2. Our database determined the phone’s locations in Manhattan.
  3. Once connected, the caller heard stories of sweeping change and personal experiences tied to the neighborhood where they stood. Each story ended with an invitation to visit the New Museum exhibit.
“In my 30 years of
museum experience, I’ve never seen a campaign
of this magnitude for
an exhibition.”Lisa Phillips,
Executive Director of the New Museum

From Mario Batali recalling the opening of his first restaurant in the West Village to Robin Byrd remembering Times Square’s sordid past, uncensored memories from these and a myriad of other notable
New Yorkers bring listeners back to a very different New York from the one we know today. View the Recalling 1993 case study.

Historical narrators for
Recalling 1993
Brian Lehrer, WNYC Radio Host
Michael Musto, Village Voice Columnist
Timothy “Speed” Levitch, New York City Tour Guide
Other Recalling 1993 contributors included:
Abby Moser, Riot Grrrl Documentarian
Jim Abbot, MLB Pitcher
Joshua David, High Line President
Chazz Palminteri, Actor
Fern Mallis, New York Fashion Week Creator
Johnny Puke, Punk Rocker
David Ortiz, Streetwear Legend
James St. James, Club Kid
Sister Miriam Kevin Phillips, Sisters of Charity

“This is the most incredible idea of the year. It’s better programming than HBO. How the hell did they pull this off?”Will Bourne,
Editor in Chief of The Village Voice

New Museum
David Droga
Jerry Hoak
Ray Del Savio
Jen Lu
Colin Lord
Daniël Sumarna
Bryan Wolff
Matt Gardner
P.J. Mongell
Sally-Ann Dale
Scott Chinn
Jennifer Mckenzie
Goldie Robbens
Lindsey Slaby
Ian Graetzer
David Justus
Fran Devinney
Kathrin Hoffman
Eileen Tang
Print Production:
Rob Lugo
Jeannie O'toole
Annick Thomas
Sarah Gancher
Amelia Barry
Bo Jacober
Village Voice
Van Wagner
Paul McGeiver
Video Editor:
Matt Badger

Information Available For Public Disclosure:

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